Georgia police arrest man wanted out of Pennsylvania after firing shots at driver who rear-ended him

 A man wanted on firearms violations in Pennsylvania was arrested in Georgia on Tuesday after firing a dozen shots at a driver following a minor traffic collision.

The Chamblee Police Department released footage of the incident Thursday after obtaining doorbell video from a home near the intersection of Shallowford Road and Dresden Drive, where it occurred last weekend.

In the video, an SUV can be seen speeding up near a small car stopped at a red light, before the driver applied the brakes in an attempt to stop the car from rear-ending. The SUV eventually slowed and struck him, prompting the driver of the smaller car – later identified by police as Alex Benn – to get out and approach the other driver.

As Ben moves towards the SUV, its driver begins to reverse rapidly, while he can be heard shouting "don't move" several times.

Although the video goes out of frame, the audio captures the sound of 12 bullets fired toward the SUV, Chamblee police said. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the driver was not injured, but the vehicle was hit multiple times.

Ben then gets back in his car and speeds away.

Chamblee police said officers used the Flock license plate reader system to determine the car's tag number and conducted a "six-hour surveillance operation" to locate Bain. He was found at the Quality Inn on Tuesday and arrested.

Bain is charged with the following crimes: aggravated assault with a weapon, first-degree criminal damage to property, possession of a firearm while committing a felony, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and second-degree counterfeiting, according to police. He had a crime. When he was arrested he had a fake Pennsylvania driver's license.

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