Bill Maher chides Dems for anti-Trump strategy in 2024: You can't just run on 'How can they like this guy?!'

 "Real Time" host Bill Maher slammed Democrats for their current election strategy of all-out attacking former President Trump.

Maher began his panel discussion Friday night by complaining that he was feeling "sad" for the GOP primary because Trump was handily defeating his remaining opponent, the former United Nations ambassador. Nikki Haley.

Maher quipped, "We don't even get to have an audition stage of our reality show, which we call an election... I feel like I've been ignored as a citizen."

He then sounded the alarm on President Biden's "two liabilities", which polling over the past months has shown him losing among "Hispanics" and "people under 35."

"Let's take the first one. It's an immigration issue, or at least that's what the Democrats seem to think. And yet they're the party that's losing Hispanics to the party of razor wire," Maher said. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's installation of razor wire along the southern border is at the center of a legal battle with the Biden administration.

"I also think 'How can they like this guy?' "It's not a good strategy to run a Democratic campaign based on that because that's what some people do... Maybe it's better to look at why he's winning among people who are 'rapists' and who do drugs," Maher continued, highlighting his Trump impersonation. “Maybe there's a fly in the ointment there.”

The HBO host then discussed Biden's struggle to win over young voters, which he blamed on the "wedge issue" dividing Democrats over the Israel-Hamas war.

"Children love Hamas," Maher said, before speaking out against "October 7 deniers" who deny the atrocities committed against Israeli civilians by the terrorist group.

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