Crowd sets autonomous vehicle ablaze in San Francisco’s Chinatown

 A rowdy crowd surrounded a Waymo vehicle and set it on fire in San Francisco's Chinatown Saturday evening, police said.

The San Francisco Police Department said a crowd of about 10 to 15 people surrounded the fully autonomous vehicle between Stockton and Grant just before 9:30 p.m.

The mob scuffled with the vehicle and broke its windows before throwing fireworks into it. The fireworks caused sparks, causing the vehicle to catch fire.

A Waymo spokesperson said there were no occupants in the vehicle and no injuries were reported.

It is unclear what prompted the mob to destroy the vehicle. No arrests have been made till Sunday.

A Waymo spokesperson said the Mountain View-based company is working with local safety officials to respond to the situation.

San Francisco police reminded residents Sunday that the use of fireworks is prohibited in the city because "they cause death, injury and property damage."

Fox News Digital has contacted the San Francisco Police Department for more information.

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