30 Eerie Scientology Beliefs You Won't Believe Exist

 Thetans, Auditing, and You

The intriguing and mysterious beliefs of Scientology have been at the center of the ideology for decades, but many people may not know what goes on inside the walls of this celebrity-centric church. Today we'll shed light on some of the lesser-known aspects of this controversial religion, highlighting concepts like Xenu, Engrams, Tone Scales, Thetans, and Silent Birth.

Dive deep into the complexities of Scientology's unique teachings and gain a deeper understanding of this intriguing religion that has attracted significant attention and controversy over the years. Let's embark on this enlightening journey together and continue exploring the fascinating world of Scientology.

According to Scientology, every person on the planet has a Thetan and the only way to clear them is to go to an auditing session until they are deemed "clear".

Auditing stands as a core practice within Scientology, aiming to eliminate negative influences known as engrams, ultimately promoting increased spiritual consciousness and unlocking undiscovered abilities. The Church of Scientology states that this process achieves a 100% success rate when done correctly and when the recipient truly wants personal change.

Human souls were programmed with false information

One of the most interesting things about the myriad cultures and religions around the world is the similarity in their gods, devils, and saviors. Joseph Campbell states that these parallels abound as people around the world try to understand their existence through these myths. They are attracted to the idea of a hero, which is why you see similar stories about figures like Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha.

Scientology offers a different perspective on this topic. They believe that an alien overlord named Xenu dropped a bunch of alien bodies into a series of active volcanoes, with the souls of those bodies floating across the sky. These souls were then caught by electronic rays and imprisoned in special theatres.

In those theaters, souls were bombarded with 3D images that filled their minds with false information such as the concepts of God, Satan, and Jesus Christ. After all that programming, the souls floated to Earth and took over our bodies, where they filled our heads with the ideas of Western religion.


The creation myth of Scientology comes directly from L. Comes from Ron Hubbard, who writes about the space power struggle that forms the center of mankind's beginning. Hubbard writes that the Earthlings began when Xenu, the former ruler of the Galactic Confederacy (more on him later), gathered billions of his followers, freezing them to take their souls, or using them as "thetans". Dropped into volcanoes before. A series of nuclear explosions to kill everyone and blow their souls into the air.

Once the Thetans were in the air Xenu captured them and used large intergalactic movie theaters to implant the Thetans with false information, or "engrams". After all this the Xenu were captured and Earth was kept as a prison planet.

Operating Thetans Are Basically Superheroes

Once a Scientologist has achieved a state of clarity and the knowledge to fully embrace and regulate his or her inherent abilities as a Thetan, the practitioner enters a new realm known as Operating Thetan (OT). is referred to as. According to the teachings of Scientology, the OTs unleash unlimited potential transcending the constraints of physical existence and the physical universe. The Church says:

OT is a state of spiritual awareness in which a person is able to control himself and his environment.
The Clear levels are followed by several OT levels, all of which provide increasingly fascinating knowledge and powers.

Tone Scale

According to the established teachings of Scientology, a vital aspect of achieving success lies in the ability to understand and respond effectively to others. While this notion may not be entirely surprising, Scientology goes further by claiming that most individuals struggle to accurately discern the underlying emotions behind outward manifestations.

Scientology has developed a tool called the Tone Scale to demystify human behavior. This scale serves as a guide for practitioners, enabling them to interpret people's emotional states and respond appropriately to them. Its purpose is to enhance their ability to read individuals and provide appropriate emotional responses to different situations.

The tone scale runs from -40 to 40, and the higher the score the better. A score of 40 is described as "peace of power". 1.1 is considered secret hostility and describes someone who cannot be trusted. Basically, anyone who is against Scientology is a 1.1. But it's not just Scientology's enemies who score 1.1, members of the LGBTQ+ community are automatically considered a 1.1 on the tone scale and can only get out of that score by achieving spiritual heights through heterosexuality.

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