WET & WILD UK weather: Met Office issues warning over heavy rain as yellow alert sparks commuter chaos

 The weather office has issued a warning of heavy rain and there is a possibility of panic among the travelers due to the wild weather.

Forecasters have warned that heavy rain is likely to fall across parts of the UK overnight and into this morning.

It comes as two major rail companies urged Britons not to travel as several trains were canceled due to a signaling fault.

The Met Office has warned that heavy rainfall is expected south of London, as far as Brighton and as far as Canterbury.

Forecasters said the heavy rain was likely to cause some flooding and widespread disruption.

It added: "There is a small possibility that flooding may occur to homes and businesses, with some buildings being damaged." Where flooding occurs, there is a slight possibility of delay or cancellation of train and bus services.

“Spray and flooding may cause driving difficulties and some roads may be closed.

“There is a small possibility that some communities will be cut off due to flooded roads.”

The Met Office warned that up to 4cm of rain could drench parts of Britain, while 66 flood warnings remained in place this morning.

The Environment Agency said there were also 215 flood alerts across the country.

Met Office forecaster Jonathan Vautrey said: "With this rain falling on already very saturated ground, there is a possibility of localized flooding and be mindful overnight and even early on Monday we could see some disruption in some places.

“Elsewhere there will be some clear weather overnight, with rain falling further north and as these begin to fall onto frozen surfaces where we will see a drop in temperatures, we could see some icy patches forming first thing on Monday morning Are.

“Generally temperatures further south east will remain somewhat below the more widespread cloud here, but that means the day will start to be quite dreary and hazy.

“It could take until the afternoon for the rain to really end in cities like East Sussex and Kent.”

It came as Britons were told to prepare for temperatures dropping below zero.

The mercury dropped to -6C on Friday night, bringing freezing conditions to most parts of the country and "slight mist and fog at isolated places".

In Aboyne, Scotland, temperatures dropped to -6.4C during the early hours of Saturday morning.

Cold conditions have arrived from the north, causing frost on the ground – forcing early risers to shovel snow from their cars due to the cold.

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