The Strangest Fashion Trends Throughout Time


Fashion is constantly evolving throughout time, with different trends becoming popular during different time periods. While some trends make perfect sense for the society they came from, other trends are a real head-scratcher. Ranging from the extravagant to the downright impractical, we wonder how these fashion trends made it into the mainstream.

lotus shoes

Lotus shoes These were small, intricately designed shoes that were once considered the pinnacle of beauty in ancient China, a symbol of status and beauty. However, when viewed through a modern lens they represent one of the strangest fashion trends, primarily because they were worn on bound feet, a practice that caused extreme pain and lifelong disability for countless women . This procedure, undertaken before the girl reached the age of seven, was not only a fashion statement but a deeply rooted cultural practice that signaled the girl's transition to womanhood and increased her chances of marriage .

arsenic clothing

Few trends have been as shockingly dangerous as the craze for arsenic dresses. This trend, which peaked during the Victorian era, included bright green gowns, the color of which was achieved through the use of arsenic-based dyes. As we now know, arsenic poses a deadly health risk. Unfortunately, during their height, no one was aware of the dangers these costumes posed. Instead, they became the height of fashion and a symbol of wealth and high status. However, the cost far exceeded the price tag, as both the wearers and those involved in the manufacturing process suffered from arsenic poisoning.

Looking back at the history of fashion, it's clear that not all trends have stood the test of time. The famous one among them is 'Macaroni'. It was named not for the pasta but for the extravagant style adopted by young British men in the 18th century, the look consisting of extremely long wigs with a small hat on top. The word 'macaroni' itself became synonymous with a fashion that was considered overly ornate to the point of being ridiculous. However, it served as a symbol of wealth and social status, which led to its rise.

One of the strangest fashion trends is the codpiece. This fashion accessory, which peaked in popularity during the 15th and 16th centuries, was originally designed to cover and accentuate the male waist area. At first, it served a practical purpose, but over time, codpieces soon evolved into elaborate, often exaggerated statements of manhood, virility, and social status. This trend saw men wearing padded and decorated codpieces, some with compartments to hold items such as coins or sweets.

Originating in the late Middle Ages, krakos were pointe shoes extended to excessive and awkward lengths. The toes of these tall shoes, which could extend up to 24 inches beyond the wearer's feet, were often filled with material to maintain their shape. It was a movement that not only tested the wearer's balance but also their patience, as walking through doors and crowded streets was a difficult task. However, this trend was not just a passing fancy; It endured for decades, growing in length and luxury, and at its peak, even required chains to tie the ends to the wearer's knees for support.

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