Sen. John Kennedy compares Biden's polling numbers to 'chlamydia,' torches 'Bidenomics'

 Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., criticized President Biden's signature economic policy, known as Bidennomics, on Fox News' "Hannity" Monday night and compared Biden's poll numbers to an STD.

Sean Hannity asked Kennedy about the current state of the economy as inflation continues to burn a hole in Americans' wallets.

Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows significant price increases across a variety of sectors, with grocery prices rising 20% and home prices rising 18%. Energy costs have increased, with gasoline prices increasing by 52%, fuel oil by 45%, and electricity by 26%.

Here's how Bidenomics is crushing the dreams of American families and businesses

“When you think about these numbers, Americans spend more on food, a greater share of their income as a percentage on food than at any other point in the last 30 years, Senator. I think they "People see and feel the real impact of 'Bidenomics' in real time. Will they be spared the blame?"

Kennedy responded: "Unless you've been homeschooled by a person who drinks alcohol a day, you can see that contraction inflation and inflation are different sides of the same coin."

Kennedy continued, "Any economist, any reputable economist who didn't get their degree from Costco will tell you that President Biden's economic policies caused both inflation and contraction." "Now I don't hate anyone, and that includes President Biden, but when he tries to blame shrinkage and inflation on small businesses you have to consider the source."

Shrink inflation is a term used to describe when companies reduce the size or quantity of a product while keeping the unit price the same, or even increase it due to other increasing costs.

He added, "Their inflation is a cancer on the American dream." "And the American people have figured it out and that's why, if you believe the polls, the president with chlamydia is straight up voting."

Rising prices of pantry staples are putting pressure on consumers, causing them to prioritize essential purchases over discretionary spending. According to NielsenIQ data, average unit prices of dry groceries rose 12% in the four weeks ending May 27 last year, well above pre-pandemic levels.

Biden leads Trump in new poll, but his lead narrows over third-party candidates

Home care products also saw significant growth, with insect sprays and napkins among the fastest growing products. Additionally, other food items like potato chips, mayonnaise and applesauce saw their prices jump by a whopping 17%, 23% and 22% respectively.

Kennedy said, "Sean, I didn't think President Obama was a very good president, but compared to President Biden, President Obama was just shoplifting." “President Biden stole the entire bank. President Biden's inflation not only hurts people, it also hurts business

A recent poll from Quinnipiac University found that Biden currently leads by four points in a hypothetical race against Trump, locking in 49% support over the 45% of likely voters who said they would vote for the former president. Will vote.

The results show a slight narrowing of the race, after a January 31 poll found Biden leading Trump by 6 points, 50% to 44%.

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