Raccoons swipe Florida woman's DoorDash taco order from her porch

 A Florida woman was shocked to discover that her late-night DoorDash order was stolen by a group of masked thieves, but they weren't human robbers, but a pack of raccoons.

Around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, Catarina Severas told FOX 35 she had just gotten out of the shower and went to open the front door of her West Palm Beach apartment expecting to get her DoorDash order from Talkin' Tacos, but What he got instead was a shocking encounter with a bunch of raccoons who had just eaten his food.

Cerveras said the raccoon ate everything she ordered except the tortilla.

Cerveras told FOX 35 she was so shocked by the entire incident, that one of the raccoons stood up on its hind legs and started staring at her. He documented the entire encounter with his phone.

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“Once they started whispering, I closed the door quickly. I said, 'They can have the carne asada, that's OK,'" Severes said. "I'm 5 foot 3 inches, I Not fighting three of these things.”

Cerveras said the strangest part of the whole incident was that she lives on the second floor of her apartment complex, so she was convinced the raccoon and "his whole crew" were following the doordasher. She said the bag of food was outside her front door for about 10 minutes, mostly due to the fact that she was in the shower and the food arrived faster than she expected.

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Cevares posted the entire incident on TikTok and drew the attention of the store from where she ordered her food.

Talkin' Tacos posted the viral video on its Instagram page, captioning it "Taco thief on the loose!"

The Taco Spot also sent Cerveras a gift card and promised to deliver tacos at home to make up for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately for Cerveras, no other restaurants were open in the area at the time of the theft, so she said she wasn't able to place another order.

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