Poland and Finland seek changes on EU border policies to curb migration

 Poland's prime minister said Friday his country will upgrade the wall on its border with Belarus to better secure the border against unauthorized migration.

Donald Tusk also said that both Poland and Finland see the need for changes to EU asylum law, which he called "inadequate" in the face of current migration challenges and the threats posed by Russia and Belarus' policies that encourage unauthorized migration. Are giving. European Union.

Tusk spoke with Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo after talks on regional security. Both countries share borders with Russia while Poland also shares borders with Belarus and Ukraine, which is fighting a war against Russian aggression.

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"Finland and Poland are ready to cooperate on a tough, pan-European policy against illegal migration," Tusk said. “We are also interested in reforming asylum law because the legal environment in the EU today is inadequate to the threats posed by the policy of Russia and Belarus.”

Tusk said both Poland and Finland want to cooperate with other countries in the region to strengthen their borders and security and civilian protection in response to Russia's aggressive policies.

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Orpo described the current security situation as "serious" and stressed that both countries would continue to support Ukraine and develop their cooperation in the defense and arms sector.

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