MOWN DOWN Car ploughs into crowd of people leaving at least 17 injured including three children before driver flees in Poland

 A car plowed into a large crowd of people in Poland and injured 17 people, including three children.

According to reports, the driver plowed into a group of people before fleeing the scene and continued creating chaos through his life-threatening driving.

According to, two of the people affected by the horrific accident in Szczecin, Poland are in critical condition.

It is believed that at least seven people are in hospital.

Polish media claim he veered off the road at high speed before colliding with a crowd at a pedestrian crossing.

The driver has been identified as a 33-year-old man and is believed to have caused more problems while driving through Szczecin after he was finally stopped by the public. Pictures show damaged and battered cars that were abandoned as drivers drove into them despite being parked on the roadside.

before reportedly hitting several more cars before crashing at a bus stop in front of horrified witnesses.

Shocked onlookers there detained him and handed him over to the police, according to local media.

Heartbreaking pictures of a busy street in Poland show injured people lying on the ground.

As people ran towards him to help him recover, an ambulance quickly reached the spot.

"We have had an incident in which currently 17 people have been injured, including three minors and two in critical condition," provincial governor Adam Rudowski told reporters.

"The person who caused the accident has been taken into custody."

Police spokesman Pavel Pankau said, "This was not a terrorist act."

The police is now ready to investigate the situation.

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