Iowa's Lisa Bluder rips NCAA as Caitlin Clark surpasses Lynette Woodard for major college scoring record

 Caitlin Clarke achieved another milestone on her way to the top of the scoring charts on Wednesday.

The Iowa sharpshooter scored 33 points in the Hawkeyes' 108-60 win over Minnesota. Clark passed Lynette Woodard for the major college scoring record with 3,650 points.

Iowa coach Lisa Bluder celebrated Clark's milestone, but took aim at the NCAA for not recognizing Woodard's mark as the top scorer in women's college basketball. Woodard played for the Kansas Jayhawks in the AIAW era – before the NCAA sanctioned women's basketball.

"Tonight is a real record night," Balder said. "For some reason the NCAA doesn't want to recognize basketball that was played before 1982, and that's wrong. We played basketball then. They just don't want to recognize it, and that hurts the rest of us who were playing at the time. There's no reason why that shouldn't be a true record."

Clark and the school celebrated when she passed Kelsey Plum for the all-time Division 1 record. Plum scored a total of 3,527 points all-time at Washington. Woodard scored 3,649 points from 1977–81.

"Maybe the NCAA will realize this now. Maybe it will be brought to their attention, and they'll start recognizing women who played in the '70s," Balder said. "Remember, they played with a bigger basketball and there wasn't even a 3-point line."

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Clark also recognized Woodard.

"I'm really grateful and grateful for the players who have come before me. Yes, it's very special. Obviously, he's one of the best players of all time," he said. “It still shows we have to improve, and where the women's game is going is a really great place.”

Clark is just 17 points behind LSU men's basketball star Pete Maravich for the all-time scoring record in NCAA men's and women's basketball. During his time at LSU he scored 3,667 points.

Francis Marion's Pearl Moore holds the overall women's collegiate record at the small college level in the AIAW with 4,061 points. Before enrolling at Francis Marion, she had a score of 177 in junior college.

Woodard said, "They should respect history. Include us and our achievements." "This is the era of diversity, equality and inclusion. They should include us. We deserve it."

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