Former Border Patrol chief claims Biden WH punished him for critical 'feedback': 'I chose to retire instead'

 The former head of the United States Border Patrol made a sweeping claim Thursday that he was essentially punished for "responding" to the Biden administration by being critical of how it handled its border control responsibilities. Had been.

Former USBP chief Rodney Scott watched live coverage of President Biden's meeting with current USBP chief Jason Owens and Rio Grande Valley (RGV) sector chief Gloria Chavez near Brownsville, Texas, and posted it with a "photo- Described as "op". Against the migrant crisis.

"[I]t's for the cameras... I hate to be political, but I believe the reason the Biden administration is down is because if they got a White House briefing, there would be no cameras there .There should be no show," Scott said on "The Story."

"But they know what it takes to secure the border. We have handed them the most secure border in the history of the United States and a roadmap to keep it that way and make it even better, [ “So far] through 94 executive actions, President Biden has completely dismantled border security.”

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Scott said that, despite claims from some in the administration and Congress that Biden needs new legislation on his desk to secure the border, he has the power to undo Trump-era policy changes within his executive authority. Has the capacity.

The former chief said he hopes Biden will listen seriously to any advice given by Border Patrol officials or the rank-and-file. However, he claimed that the advice he offered led to his early retirement.

Scott said, "I hope (agents) are free to speak openly. But I can tell you from my experience in the Biden administration that it was not the norm. If they spoke openly, they would probably be out of a job." Will go.” Joe became head in 2021 under Trump and left the agency during Biden's tenure.

Anchor Martha MacCallum asked Scott if he had experienced that outcome when he spoke out.

"That's exactly what happened to me," Scott claimed. "I was following orders to a certain extent. But I reacted, and I told them where I thought things were going to go wrong – and they didn't listen to any advice we gave them."

Scott said he was eventually "reassigned", but he decided to retire from the agency and speak publicly about the border crisis without fear of such alleged retaliation.

Scott later claimed that the Mexican government has shown some ability to stem the migrant crisis when it also enforces its own established laws, telling Fox News that there is "less criminality" when the Obrador administration does so. Is seen.

However, the Mexican government has also indicated that they expect Biden to be re-elected, versus reuniting with Trump, Scott further claimed. This is the dynamic behind any current additional border security enforcement by Mexico.

However, the former USBP chief said the situation further emphasizes why the U.S. administration should work effectively to secure its border rather than "exporting our national security" to Mexico City.

He said, "The Border Patrol should be empowered to arrest people crossing the border and we should in other cases keep them in custody or out of the country. This is common sense."

"Right now we're relying on another country to slow the flow. But guess what else that means? ... Mexico and the cartels get to choose who comes into this country instead of [Biden]..."

Scott also noted the perceived difference between migrant-crossing figures in Brownsville — where Biden visited — and Eagle Pass — where Trump visited.

"They don't want big groups of illegal aliens in the background. They wanted to go somewhere slower," he said, claiming that there is also an "overlooked aspect" due to the presence of NGOs in the city that facilitate migrants. Works for. Shelter and transportation services.

"One problem with the Senate bill that no one is talking about is that it has $1.4 billion more for those NGOs," he said.

In remarks in Eagle Pass, Texas, Trump suggested border agents are engaged in a "war" on the Mexican border, while the head of the agency's union said his agents are "mad" that Biden visited Brownsville, where A larger number of migrants than the deluge seen at Eagle Pass or California's far west, he said.

"This is the 'Joe Biden invasion,'" Trump said after National Border Patrol Council member Brandon Judd spoke.

Fox News Digital contacted both the White House and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, but did not receive a response by press time.

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