Federal government jobs go viral on TikTok as a 'fix' for job security worries: 'And you get a pension'


Many industries hit with layoffs in 2023 – but for those who want a position with more job security, social media users say the answer is simple. Try the federal government, they say. (iStock/iStock)

Along with the stability, the benefits that come with the role are clearly appealing to the younger generation.

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Benefits often include flexible work arrangements, a personalized schedule, at least 13 days of sick leave each year, comprehensive health insurance and retirement plans – as well as student loan repayment and forgiveness programs.

One of the major advantages highlighted in government jobs, compared to those working in the private sector, is security. (iStock/iStock)

A TikToker has garnered over half a million followers after encouraging members of Gen Z to apply for jobs with the federal government and explaining why it's "the place to be" and offering "so many opportunities." Seen more often.

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Social media user, @bougiebudgeter, a personal finance expert, clarified that when she says "federal government," she doesn't mean state or local government — that's what people often think of when the term "government employee" comes up. .
"Anything you can do in a private company, you can do in the federal government," he said.

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He named a variety of positions – from economists or administrative assistants to scientists and nurses – that are needed at levels across the federal government.

Positions in health care, including nurses, are just some of the roles that can be found on the USAJobs website. People on TikTok are talking about the benefits of jobs with the federal government. (iStock/iStock)

“You want to be a federal government employee, especially for people who have public student loans and things like that, [because] the government offers a lot of great benefits, and you just have to be a public servant,” she said.

"You get the best health care. You get comprehensive retirement benefits...and you get a pension."

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@bougiebudgeter's post sparked debate in the comments section as people shared their thoughts on this divisive job environment.

One user commented, "This!!! I'm constantly telling people that the job security, health care, and retirement benefits are unmatched."

Working for the federal government offers a variety of benefits that attract many people entering the workforce. TikTok users recently expressed their views on this topic. (iStock/iStock)

Another user added to the conversation, "However, private pays 3x more! This is why I left it after 8+ years."

The manufacturer responded, "That may certainly be true, but the federal government has better job security than most private sector companies."

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In another TikTok video with over 2.1 million views, the user, @tamzjadecomedy, was parodying the life of a federal government employee, which had more truth to it than people expected.

"I'm getting leave because of work because I worked for a week last month. So I've got four months off," the TikToker joked.

There are a variety of "immediate appointment" positions available within the federal government – TikTok users are sounding off on the topic. (iStock/iStock)

One user said that he is a federal government employee and is currently on leave in Bali.

Other users commenting on @tamzjadecomedy's video debated the lifestyle of the public servant.

One user wrote, "Government is very hit or miss. Experienced unspeakable trauma in some places and most comfortable lifestyle in others."

Another commented, "I'm in government and can confirm this is not the case, I wish it was."

There's a new flexibility for federal government employees who can personalize their schedules. (iStock/iStock)

One TikToker wrote, "As someone who works in the government, I currently have 9 weeks of annual leave on my RDO [Roasted Day Off], this is pretty perfect."

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"There is some validity to this trend. While private companies offer employment 'at will', government jobs are harder to fire, hence the appeal of job security," Stoker said.

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"With recent layoff news and talk of a recession, many people are concerned about stability right now."
She added, "So I understand why it's attractive to Gen Z. He's right that benefits like pensions are attractive, especially as many job seekers are concerned about retirement and the rising cost of living."

A career coach said, "I would suggest that job seekers should not make career decisions just based on such catchy hacks, as easy as they may be." (iStock/iStock)

Stoker also said that people should recognize their own interests and needs – and not be influenced by gimmicks or trends, as this can make people feel "unhappy and unfulfilled" when they do not consider all the other factors involved in the job. We do.

"I would suggest that job seekers don't make career decisions based solely on such catchy hacks, as easy as that may be. My best advice? Focus on your needs and Start making decisions based on desires."
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Although he acknowledged the stability that can come with a federal government job, he also said that the same benefits can be found in the private sector and may be even better.

Stoker said the downside of working for the federal government is that salary negotiations and opportunities to grow and advance in a given field are slower.
"Most people need to check several boxes to find a happy career."
"In my opinion, yes, there is truth in what (social media users) are saying. But (they) are talking about an aspect that can make a full career (stability) while most people are in order "Many boxes need to be checked to find a happy career."

According to Statista, more than 2.87 million individuals were employed by the federal government in 2022.

According to TikTok, the latest job "hack" in light of current employment trends is working for the federal government. (iStock/iStock)

The website has compiled a list of jobs considered "most urgent" in fields ranging from mathematics to human resources.
"For the January [2024] employment snapshot, the consensus is that we will see slower hiring, down from the 216,000 jobs added in December," Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst at Bankrate, said, as Fox Business reports.

Data for February has not yet been reported.

FOX Business reached out to @boujiebudgeter and @tamzjadecomedy for additional comment.

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