Colleges nationwide on edge after 4 campus homicides in 10 days

 US colleges are on edge after four people died in three separate campus incidents in Kentucky, Georgia and Colorado in just 10 days.

Most recently, 21-year-old Campbellsville University student Charles Escalera was charged with murder and burglary in connection with the February 24 death of 18-year-old Josiah Kilman of Columbia Falls, Montana. Both students were on the school wrestling team.

“There are not enough words to mend this family's broken hearts at this time. We are all truly shocked by the sudden and unexpected loss of Josiah and we are asking for lots of prayers for them as they cope with this devastating tragedy . . ,'' reads the description of a GoFundMe page for Kilman titled 'Josiah Kilman's family needs love and support.'

The Taylor County Coroner's Office said that according to preliminary autopsy results, Kilman died of asphyxiation by manual strangulation, although it is unclear how the 18-year-old was killed.

Kentucky college student strangles wrestler in dorm room, charged with murder: Police

Two days before Kilman's alleged murder, Laken Riley, a 22-year-old Augusta University nursing student, was murdered on February 22 while she was out for a walk on a dirt path on the campus of the University of Georgia in Athens.

On February 23, UGA authorities arrested Jose Antonio Ibarra, a 26-year-old illegal immigrant from Venezuela, in connection with the murder. Ibarra has been charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping and obstruction. A 911 call and the concealment of another's death.

Laken Riley murder suspect Uga lived a 5-minute walk from the crime scene

UGA Police Chief Clark said during a press conference Friday evening announcing Ibarra's arrest that Riley died from blunt force trauma.

Ibarra lived in an apartment complex a five-minute walk from the crime scene with his brother, Diego Ibarra, who has been charged with green card fraud. Diego was hired as a temporary dishwasher for one of UGA's dining halls after presenting a fake green card to the school; He has since been fired.

Laken Riley murder suspect's brother fired from UGA after presenting fake passport

Riley's obituary reads, "Lacen's interest in caregiving transcended her goal of becoming a nurse and allowed her to become an extraordinary nanny to two young children. Her smile was extremely contagious and was a joy to be seen wherever she went. It would spread to others." "She was dedicated to serving the Lord. She was always involved with her church, Woodstock City Church. Her love of spreading God's message led her to participate in countless mission trips. Her love for the Lord The example was given in every aspect of his life."

"Laken was a wonderful daughter, sister, friend and overall an extraordinary person."

About a week before Riley's murder, on February 16, two people were shot and killed on the Colorado Springs campus of the University of Colorado. UCCS students Samuel Knope, 24, of Parker, Colorado, and Celie Rena Montgomery, 26, of Pueblo, were murdered. Colorado, were found dead in a campus dorm room.

On February 19, Colorado Springs police arrested Nicholas Jordan of Detroit, Michigan in connection with the murders of Knope and Montgomery.

UCCS previously told Fox News that Jordan was enrolled in the school at the time of the shooting. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

Brother of Colorado dorm massacre suspect breaks silence: 'Not real'

Knope and Jordan lived in the same dormitory with another man, who contacted police on February 16 to report the shooting. The third roommate told police that she and Knope "had to report Nicholas Jordan for unsafe living conditions and smoking in the room," according to an affidavit. In January, Knope and Jordan reportedly got into an argument over trash bags.

"Mr. Jordan threatened Knope and told him he would 'kill him' and that there would be consequences if Mr. Jordan was asked to take out the trash again," the affidavit filed in El Paso County states.

Colorado prosecutors later said Jordan had an AK-47-style rifle and a handgun in his vehicle when he was captured on February 19.

University of Colorado dorm murder suspect 'still remains a threat', prosecutors warn judge

Schools reporting murders in the last 10 days have highlighted the steps taken to ensure student safety after three separate incidents were reported.

For example, in a statement Saturday following Ibarra's quick arrest in connection with Riley's murder, UGA President Jere Morehead said the university had just last week launched some new initiatives on campus related to "more lighting, more cameras." " was approved.

The university said it spent 16 years in eight years "hiring more police personnel, designing and installing an extensive security camera network, enhancing lighting, establishing a nighttime rideshare program and creating the widely used UGA Safe app." Millions of dollars have been invested." Morehead will be meeting with campus police this week in an effort to gain input on additional measures that can be taken to ensure student safety.

But parents, students and community members are demanding more answers.

“Why are there no police patrolling the campus on foot, on horseback or on trolleys? Why are there no secure transportation/escorts to take students from classrooms to parking lots, especially during testing when exams are scheduled at night? " Marlene Clark wrote in an email to Morehead with Fox News Digital CC'd. "Why are so many streets so dark? This is a college town! Why are there so many unattended vacant lots and vacant buildings on or near campus? My daughter has to drive through a dilapidated garage with suspicious activity to park. "

"People who knew Laken are traumatized and frightened."

Clarke added: "The people who knew Laken are suffering and frightened, the parents of the children who had to be returned today are suffering and frightened along with them. I have no confidence in this arrest because there is no motive. Wasn't told. It seems like the worst outcome was the one chosen to silence us."

In a comment on a Facebook post shared by UCCS after the murders of Knope and Montgomery, Facebook user Matt Schwabe said that the school's "administrators failed to protect these victims."

"Their repeated appeals for help are being almost ignored," he wrote. “You failed the remaining students even further by allowing them to assemble on campus, knowing that an armed and dangerous man was still at large and there was no trace of him. By the grace of God, the police managed to disperse some of the gathering. Found the suspect hours ago. When he was captured, he was arrested. A fully loaded assault rifle and handgun were found a few miles from the school. Shameful."

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