CAT-KILLER CAGED Scarlet Blake who put cat in BLENDER before killing stranger because girlfriend ‘thought it would be hot’ caged for life

 A monster who put a cat in a blender before killing a stranger because his girlfriend "thought it would be hot" has been jailed.

Scarlett Blake, 26, live-streamed herself mutilating a cat just four months before the brutal murder of stranger Jorge Martin Carreño.

BMW employee George, 30, is said to have been deliberately targeted as part of a twisted sexual fantasy inspired by the Netflix documentary Don't F*** With Cats.

In July 2021, she was found dead on the banks of a river with a fatal blow to the back of the head and injuries to the neck after she was lured to death.

Blake, a transgender woman who sometimes adopted the persona of a cat, had previously practiced the brutal killing of a pet.

He dissected a cat before placing it in a blender in terrifying scenes similar to the Netflix doc.

Sentencing Blake today to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 24 years, Mr Justice Chamberlain told the killer: “You told the court you did not intend to kill any living being, let alone a person , and it was Ashlyn who pressured you to do it so.

“You adopted the persona of a cat. You talked about the difficulties you faced since childhood living as a woman and your troubled relationship with your parents.

“This was all part of an elaborate attempt to rationalize what you did and put the responsibility on others.

“It was not the fault of the society that did not accept you, it was not the fault of your parents… The decision to commit murder was entirely yours.”

In the disgusting cat-killing video, which featured the same New Order song True Faith playing in the Netflix doc, Blake can be heard saying: "Here we go my little friend. Oh boy, you stink It's been like s**t. I can't wait to put it in the blender."

At the end of the video, she shamelessly asked: "Well, I wonder where I learned to do that with a person?"

Encouraged by Internet girlfriend Ashlyn Bell, herself a fan of Nazi memorabilia, Blake began looking for a cat to attack and kill in the middle of the night.

Messages later obtained by police revealed how Blake had told Ashlyn how he intended to decapitate George.

He also told former fiancee Avi Brockman: "I killed people because my boyfriend thought it would be hot."

The trans killer also received a four-month jail sentence for causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal after the sickening clip and a two-month jail sentence for a count of criminal damage in relation to a cat in November last year - both concurrently Will have to suffer.

Blake, who wore the same black blazer every day of the trial, nodded at her mother as she was led out of the dock by three prison officers.

It is understood that he will be kept in a high security men's prison.

Sentencing, Mr Justice Chamberlain said: “Presumably, you would have hit him on the back of the head with a vodka bottle, or some other object you brought with you.

"You then strangled him with some rope or some other object. You may have buried him in water. Either way you intended to kill him and you did kill him.

“Your decision to kill George was not a reaction to anything he said or did, it was not a momentary mistake. It was not a decision made in anger or because your emotions got the better of you.

"This was a plan you've been considering for months."

Addressing the video of the cat being mutilated, the judge added: “The thing you enjoyed most was watching the animal gasp and panic before it died.

“You told the jury that you did all this to please Ashlyn Bell and took no pleasure in it yourself.

“Clearly seriously, you invited the jury to conclude that you disapprove of people who are cruel to animals.

"But from the clip we saw of cats laughing and smiling with severed heads in the background, there's no doubt you enjoyed it.

“The track True Faith by New Order was played on loop in the video. This is the music that is also featured in the Netflix documentary Don't F*ck with Cats.

“You have said that you were not aware of the documentary and that it did not influence your choice of music. "I'm sure that's a lie."

Oxford Crown Court had earlier heard how Blake had become obsessed with "knowing what it would be like to kill someone".

She was roaming the streets of Oxford looking for a victim on July 25, 2021, when she met George.

He became "lost and vulnerable" as he walked the 45-minute walk home after spending the night with work colleagues.

The pair walked together through the streets of Oxford before he attacked her and left her body near the River Cherwell.

After the body was discovered the next day, it took two years for police to "properly understand" the circumstances surrounding his death.

The court also heard gruesome details of how Blake dissected the cat.

Blake inserted a scalpel into the cat's eyes before putting the dismembered body into a blender.

He then "boasted" about the murder, which was said to have been inspired by the Netflix documentary.

The show is about a man who kills kittens before filming the murder of a human being - while the same New Order song plays in the background.

The evidence during his trial was so graphic that jurors had to flee the courtroom several times.

Blake had denied that she was looking for a victim on the night of George's death, instead telling police that she had gone for a walk because she could not sleep.

She added, "I don't know how he died. I assumed he drowned. It wasn't anything I did. How, I still don't know, I wasn't there."

But jurors were told he had confessed to his US-based partner Ashlyn that he had murdered George with a homemade garrote.

Alison Morgan Casey, prosecuting, said: “The prosecution allege that this defendant had an extreme interest in causing death and harm.

"It was an interest that went beyond mere imagination. He described himself to others as someone who derived sexual gratification from the idea of violence and the idea of death."

In a family impact statement read by a translator, George's mother said: "

“George was not only an exemplary child, but also an extraordinary creature.

“He was distinguished by his incredible affection, friendliness and his ability to devote himself completely to others. George's innate curiosity and creativity led him to tirelessly explore, learn and experiment."

He added: “George, with his caring and friendly nature, would brighten any venue, always spreading joy with his wit and infectious curiosity.

“His immense will to live and enjoy life, combined with his wonderful sense of humour, made him a special person.

“George’s death has left an open wound in the hearts of his family as well as all those who had the privilege of knowing him.

“This loss feels like a painful, devastating blow, leaving a void that is impossible to fill. To go through the pain of losing a son, a brother, in such tragic and unfair circumstances is a test that no one can face. The family shouldn't do it."

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