California billy club ban struck down by court on Second Amendment grounds

 A California court has struck down a state ban on billy clubs on Second Amendment grounds.

The lawsuit was filed by plaintiff Russell Fouts against California Attorney General Rob Bonta, making it a crime to carry or even possess a billy club under state law.

The decision stated, "This case is about a California statute that makes it a crime to possess or carry a billy. This case is not about whether California prohibits the use or possession of a billy for unlawful purposes. Can prohibit or restrict."

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It continues, "Historically, the small wooden stick that police officers carried on their beats was known as a billy or billy club. The term remains vague today and includes a metal baton, a "Might include a little league bat, a wooden table leg, or a broken golf club shaft, all of which are weapons that can be used for self-defense but are less lethal than a firearm."

The decision was handed down by Judge Roger Benitez in the Southern District of California.

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The court ruled to strike down the ban on grounds of the Second Amendment and protection of citizens' right to bear arms, including weapons other than firearms.

The court said, "The Second Amendment protects the right of a citizen to defend himself against dangerous and deadly firearms." "But not everyone wants to carry a firearm for self-defense. Some people prefer a less lethal weapon. The Billy is a less lethal weapon that can be used for self-defense."

The judgment further said, "One can easily imagine that innumerable citizens carry these weapons on daily walks and hikes to protect themselves from attacks by humans or animals. The fundamental right to self-defense is a fundamental right to life "For, every law-abiding responsible individual citizen has a constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms like a billy for lawful purposes."

Billy clubs – also variously called batons, billysticks, and truncheons – are small, lightweight clubs that have been used as blunt weapons by security, law enforcement, and private individuals.

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  1. They want you totally unarmed and vulnerable, so you have to rely on them for your survival.
    But did you know the police have no obligation to protect you? They don't have to lift a finger in your defense, and you can't sue them.
    When seconds count, the police are minutes away, and when they finally do arrive, they can be counted on to outline your body on the sidewalk in chalk, write it up, and head for the donut shop.


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