'Woke Kindergarten' teacher calls for destruction of America: 'We've been trying to end y'all'

 According to posts on social media, an elementary school in the San Francisco Bay Area was trained by an organization called "Woke Kindergarten", whose leaders want to see the US and Israel destroyed as countries.

According to the website, the organization is headed by "Akia 'Kee' Gross (they/them)", who is "an abolitionist early educator, cultural organizer and creator who currently practices methods of resistance, healing, liberation and creation with her pedagogy. "Inventing. Woke Kindergarten."

Gross said in a recent Instagram post, "I believe that the United States of America has no right to exist. I believe that every colonizer who committed genocide against Native peoples, against Native peoples, deserves to exist. There is no right to live." "You are all monsters. You are all villains. We are trying to exterminate all of you. You all go free."

Gross added, "I believe in an independent Palestine from the river to the sea."

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Gross curriculum materials have been used in many schools. "Woke Kindergarten" is described on its website as "supporting children, families, teachers, and organizations in their commitment to abolitionist early education and pro-Black and queer and trans liberation."

In another January post, Gross reiterated his stance on the US.

The education consultant said, "When I think of a world free of state violence... I think of a world free of American empire. I think of a world free of Israel."

The "woke kindergarten" leader also called for the schools to be abolished.

"I think about giving land back to indigenous people globally. I think about the fact that we wouldn't have to participate in these systems, because none of these systems would exist. That means that Kids don't have to go to school because the world ends up being their classroom," Gross said.

"[Children] will learn with us, they will learn from us. We will learn from them. We will build these ecosystems of community care that will make sure everyone has what they need, so no one is left wanting for nothing. We We'll hear music everywhere. We'll make art out of everything. We'll be able to write a lot more poetry, because we'll have so much joy in ourselves that we'll need some place to move it, some place to ground it. People will have more power and children will have more."

Gross also believes that there are supernatural beings who are tortured.

Gross posted on Twitter, "Solidarity with all oppressed beings. This is what I meant, how I feel and what I should have said. Humans, non-human animals and extraterrestrials alike. Universally. Infinitely By the way. Always."

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Glassbrook Elementary in Hayward, California spent $250,000 in federal funds provided by a program to help raise test scores for some of the nation's lowest-performing schools. But after two years with "Woke Kindergarten", students' marks are reportedly worse.

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According to the Chronicle, less than 12% of students can read at their grade level and less than 4% of students are proficient in math, a 4% decline in both subjects over the past two years.

Jason Reiman, superintendent of the Hayward Unified School District, told the Chronicle that there was board approval for hiring "woke kindergarteners" and that apparently it was more about increasing attendance than test scores. He said attendance has increased by about 20%.

"Helping students feel safe is integral to academic achievement. I think it's more than we wanted to spend," he said. "We are 100% in favor of ending systems of oppression where they hold our students back. I believe we should choose providers based on their work and how effective they are."

Fox News Digital contacted Reimann but did not receive a response in time for publication. Gross was also contacted for comment.


  1. Teaching impressionable children to hate themselves, their family, their culture, is child abuse. This is the same sort of crap that was vilified when it was White "Jim Crow advocates" telling African children they were no good.

  2. Please tell ""Akia 'Kee' Gross (wtf/it)", the only reason native people have a high standard of living is due to Europeans coming and teaching them reading, writing and modern plumbing, among others.

  3. Who keeps pushing these imbeciles as some sort of authority. They're Dumb as rocks and can't even form sentences. And keep these self professed midwits away from impressionable kids, No need to confuse them with morons like this.


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