Texas boy, 10, in NYC ICU in coma after dream birthday trip turns tragic: 'Shriek of pain'

 A Texas family's trip to the Big Apple for their 10-year-old son's birthday turns into a nightmare when their son becomes violently ill and ends up in a coma in a New York City ICU.

Riker Stipik's family surprised him with a birthday vacation to New York City to experience the popular Broadway musical, Hamilton, and eat his first slice of New York City pizza.

"Bless his sweet little heart," Ricker's father, David Stipik, told Fox 7.

He said, "He wanted to go to the Weehawken dueling grounds where the duel between Aaron Burr and Hamilton took place."

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Stepik said that on his son's tenth birthday, the last thing on his mind was the thought that his son might become violently ill.

"If your child is happy and healthy and is 10 years old, you can assume they'll stay that way," Stipik said.

En route to the World Trade Center, Riker's health deteriorated, and he shared with his parents that he was experiencing "the worst headache" he had ever experienced.

"There's a building we passed by and as we passed that building, he said, 'Oh, I have a really bad headache. This is the worst headache I've ever had,'" Stipic told The Local. told the outlet. ,

A few moments later, the birthday boy vomited and lay down near a bench to rest.

"It was like a scream of pain," Stepik said.

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They took him to the hospital, where doctors put him into a medically induced coma.

“As horrible as it sounds, you know what I mean?” Stipik said.

New York City doctors told Ricker's parents that they believed he may have experienced an arteriovenous malformation, an abnormal connection between his arteries and veins and bleeding in the brain or spinal cord. Could be the reason.

Doctors said the 10-year-old experienced aneurysms inside his arteries and veins - causing him excruciating pain.

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Surgeons had to make a hole in Riker's skull to drain blood and fluid and remove the clot.

"We don't have a realistic expectation of when or how he'll come out of this, what kind of therapy or treatment he'll need," Stipic said.

Doctors still need to perform an MRI on the boy before they can give his family an official diagnosis.

He told Riker's parents that before they could fully diagnose him, he must be stabilized and off his tubes and machines.

Now the Stipix are praying that their son will wake up from his coma and that they will get answers to their many questions about their son's health.

"We never expected this to be our reality, but it is," Stipik said.

The family's support system, including their church in Texas, has worked with the family during their nightmare.

The lead pastor of his church at Peace of Christ Church started a GoFundMe account that reached more than $78,000 in a matter of days.

"I don't have the words to say thank you to everyone except thank you," Stipic said.


  1. Can we know his "vaccination status"? Remember when everyone had to prove they were "vaccinated" to live normal lives? Well now we NEED to know if they forced the gene therapy know as mRNA on the kid.

  2. Until the mRNA jab, ten year olds did not experience such medical conditions. Now it's far more common with the jab.

  3. Irresponsible to take a child to NYC anyway...why? To witness DEI dysfunction?


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