Swing district Democrat with close ties to largest teachers union silent on calls to rescind Biden endorsement

 A Democrat representing a swing House district that could prove crucial to both parties in this year's election on calls from within the nation's largest teachers union to rescind its support of President Biden on the war in Gaza Is silent.

Representative Jahana Hayes, D-Conn., a former teacher and National Education Association (NEA) member, first ran for Congress in 2018 with the support of the union, particularly its president, Becky Pringle, who campaigned for her.

However, the congresswoman has yet to speak out publicly on the organized effort from within the union to block Biden support until there is a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

Hayes' office also did not respond to multiple requests from Fox News Digital for comment regarding the effort and whether he believes the NEA should continue its support for Biden.

According to a January report by The Nation, a faction of NEA members are seeking to revoke the union's endorsement of Biden for re-election this year unless the president secures a 'permanent ceasefire' Take. sending military funds, equipment and intelligence to Israel,' and 'commits to fair due process for asylum seekers and refugees.'"

The report said a petition circulated within the union asked that signatories stop their voluntary donations to the group's political action committee, which is the branch of the organization that supports candidates running for office.

“As a Palestinian American, it's sad,” a union member told the outlet, “because our union is so focused on racial and social justice, and when he's taking away not only funding, but my people. is also sending weapons to kill, so supporting him sends me. The message that we don't matter and we're collateral damage and that's okay."

Hayes won re-election in the 2022 midterms by just over 2,000 votes, and the seat is likely to be a top target for Republicans as they aim to maintain and expand their majority in the House of Representatives.

Hayes is running unopposed in the Democratic primary, while his 2022 opponent, former Republican state Senator George Logan, is seeking re-election in the general election in November. His only opponent in the GOP primary is public sector worker Michelle Botelho.

Election analysts view the race as largely Democratic leaning.

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