Ronna McDaniel To Step Down At RNC After Trump Calls For Removal: Report

 Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has reportedly told former President Donald Trump that she will step down from her post immediately following the GOP South Carolina presidential primary later this month.

The New York Times reported that Trump is "likely" to promote North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley as his replacement.

The news came after Trump met with McDaniel at Mar-a-Lago on Monday and posted after their meeting: "Rona now heads the RNC, and I will make a decision the day after the South Carolina primary based on my recommendations. " For RNC growth.”

A spokesperson for McDaniel said in a statement, “Nothing has changed. This will be decided after South Carolina.

The news about McDaniel comes as he has faced increasing criticism for months over the Republican Party's poor performance in recent elections. The pressure on him increased even further after the RNC posted its worst fundraising figures in a decade.

When asked during an interview with Maria Bartiromo over the weekend how he thought McDaniel was doing, Trump responded: "I think he did a great job when he ran Michigan for me. I “Looks like he did OK in the beginning at the RNC.”

"I would say, right now, probably some changes will be made," he said.

During an interview on Newsmax on Monday, Trump was asked if he thought McDaniel should leave his post.

Trump responded, "Well, I think she knows that." "I think she understands that."

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