Rand Paul: Kentucky so upset with McConnell over Ukraine and border, a top Democrat could win his seat

 Senate Homeland Security Committee member Rand Paul argues that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's continued support for Ukraine aid and his role in leading the failed border bill have angered domestic Kentucky voters and could cost him his job. May fall.

Paul claimed that McConnell's tendency to side with the "big government" wing of the Senate Republican caucus – which he said routinely sides with the Democrats – would alienate voters in his red-leaning state from the party. Will strip away the integrity of and remove the seven-term senator.

While McConnell told POLITICO that there has always been a small group of critics within his Republican ranks after the border deal fell apart, Paul said the GOP leader's critics may instead be the real majority.

Paul said on "The Ingraham Angle", "[Mitch] is completely out of touch with Kentucky Republicans, conservative Republicans; advocating for all this money to go to Ukraine – we're not in favor of that, no one in Kentucky. Is also not for this."

"His approval ratings in Kentucky are almost below zero. He's the lowest of any elected official in the United States. He's working with Biden and Schumer to get your money into Ukraine, but he's "So he's in the minority of his caucus."

Host Laura Ingraham asked Paul a pointed question about whether Kentucky Democratic Governor Andy Beshear — who won re-election in 2023, and is the son of popular former Democratic Governor Steve Beshear — could defeat the Republican icon of four decades with his red leanings. stage.

"If Governor Beshear runs for his Senate seat and the election is held tomorrow, who will win?" He asked.

While Kentucky has been a reliable state for Republicans at the presidential level since George W. Bush and for a little longer in the Senate, it has elected only two Republican governors since Louis B. Nunn in 1967.

McConnell won his last two re-election contests by an average of 17 points. He is also the longest-serving Senate party leader of any category; The role was created in 2007 following the retirement of Senator Bill Frist, R-Tenn.

On the issue of the Lankford-Sinema-Murphy border law, McConnell had been supporting its negotiation for months, before finally admitting this week that it had become a disastrous proposal.

"The Speaker has made it clear to us that this will not become law," McConnell said recently. After which Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. To claim that McConnell and Republicans are "suffering from fear of Donald Trump."

Rand Paul told Fox News that the border bill has become a "fraud" and that the legislation is actually a "bone thrown to conservatives."

"They were always worried that if the Conservatives found out that it was a trick, that it wasn't real border reform... that it would be destroyed. So the whole game was to keep it a secret from us, but "It's kept secret from anyone who can see it [or] criticize it," he said, blaming the Senate Republican leadership for this dynamic.

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