Kansas City Chiefs fans' deaths: Victims' families at odds over 'angry' speculation, lawyer says

 The "angry, speculative" theories supported by family members of three Kansas City Chiefs fans found dead in their friend's snowy backyard deserve the investigation into their deaths, according to an attorney representing Clayton McGeeney's mother and fiancee. "has been compromised.

McGeeney, Ricky Johnson and David Harrington were found dead on January 9 at the property of their friend Jordan Willis, two days after they watched the Chiefs play the Los Angeles Chargers at home.

Although Tony Kaage said drugs were detected in the men's systems, according to preliminary toxicology results shared by police with their loved ones, he could not confirm which drugs were detected.

Although the Kansas City Police Department immediately announced that their deaths were "100 percent not being investigated as murder", relatives of Johnson and Harrington have suggested that party host Willis played an active role in their deaths.

Meanwhile, McGeeney's cousin, Caleb McGeeney, told NewsNation that Willis, an HIV scientist who went to Park Hill South High School, "is a chemist."

"They all knew him that way," he said, according to NewsNation. "It was easy for him to have fun, but he went wrong. He made a mistake."

Kansas City Chiefs fans' deaths: Family says drugs in men's system show 'there's more to the story'

Kaage represents Clayton McGinty's mother, Nancy Bossert, and her fiancee, April Mahoney, who discovered a man's body after breaking into the Willis home out of concern and desperation. "It's not in [his client's] best interest to whip people into a frenzy," Kaage said Wednesday.

In an earlier interview, Kagay had said that "it would be very hard to explain" how Willis "didn't realize what happened to his friends" when they were "frozen in his backyard for two days." However, he said, it is important to "let the professionals do their job" and this time should be about "finding out what happened."

"I think it's fair to say that some of the more vocal members of Clayton's family may not have Clayton's best interests at heart," Kaage said of interviews given to the press by other McGinty relatives.
"Some of the families that have come across as aggressive or hostile toward law enforcement, I think this was a premature step," Kaage said.

He added, "Nancy would prefer angry, speculative statements coming from some members of the family, if not, so the investigation can proceed in a respectful manner." "Let's wait to find out what the police say and what the prosecutor plans to do on that."

Preliminary toxicology results are back for Kansas City Chiefs fan found dead

However, Kaage can sympathize with those who are searching for answers amid the plethora of unanswered questions surrounding the case.

"A lot of these TikTok detectives and people on the Internet are getting upset thinking, 'This is bullshit, there's no way [Willis] didn't know these people were around,'" he said. "There are still a lot of unanswered questions and understandable doubts regarding the explanation of how this happened."

Kagay said he was also "disappointed" by the way the Kansas City Police Department immediately denied foul play in statements made to the press about the men's deaths.

"I don't think they were in a position to say that. Obviously there's an ongoing investigation," Kage said. “I don't know how they made that decision, and I don't know that it was helpful to say that... When you say there was no indication of foul play, there was no gunshot, there was no knife wound. But that doesn't mean that nothing happened that was illegal. ...I don't know that it was handled ideally.

"I'm not saying anyone did anything intentionally," Kage said. "[But] I don't think that would be required for there to be criminal liability."

Parents of Kansas City Chiefs fans found dead think victims 'saw something they shouldn't have seen'

He also said some of the department's communications have been "a little passive."

"I don't think he did anything wrong, but if he had communicated better the situation would have been clearer," Kage said.

However, their customers are "supporters" of the KCPD.

"When we get to the end of this, there will probably be some criticisms for how things were handled at the end of the process," Kaage said.

When the full autopsy and toxicology reports become available and police complete their forensic examination of the electronic devices — the families of at least two of the men have been asked for their sons' phone passwords — the Platte County Prosecutor's Office will decide whether to file charges against Willis. Whether or not criminal charges should be filed is pending against the fifth party guest, Alex Weimer-Lee, who left the house alive on January 7.

Kansas City Chiefs fans die: 'It's hard to see a scenario where something unusual didn't happen,' lawyer says.

Last week, representatives of the families of Harrington, Johnson and McGinty met with the prosecutor's office. Kaage said, "Prosecutors wanted the family to know that this situation is being thoroughly investigated" and that they "will cooperate with the families in the future."

"There are still a lot of unanswered questions and understandable doubts regarding the explanation of how this happened," Kaage said. “Attempts are being made to resolve those questions.

"Many of these questions can never be answered in a way that satisfies people."

But McGeeney's family is patiently awaiting police findings until more information is released, and "their position is that we don't know whether [the investigation] was conducted appropriately or inappropriately because we don't know how it was done." I went."

"There are still a lot of unanswered questions and understandable doubts regarding the explanation of how this happened."

However, KCPD Captain Jake Becchina told Fox News Digital that he never said the case "was not a murder."

"We said this is not being investigated as a homicide," he said Thursday. "Some media outlets were calling it a 'murder investigation' at the time, so this statement was made to ensure that media outlets would classify it correctly.

"This was and remains a death investigation. This does not mean that the direction of the investigation cannot change if new or different evidence comes to light."

"The investigation keeps changing its stance all the time."

He added, "I am sorry for Mr. Cage's disappointment." "Our goal is to provide the public with the most factual and transparent information in any investigation. This case is no different."

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