House committee presses UPenn for documents on discipline for antisemitism

 A US congressional committee has requested documents from the University of Pennsylvania regarding the school's "disappointing" response to anti-Semitism on its campus, the committee said Wednesday.

Education and Workforce Committee Chairwoman Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C. sent a letter to the university's leadership demanding all reports of anti-Semitic incidents on campus and any documentation showing disciplinary action taken by the institution since January 1. , 2021.

Fox wrote that the request comes as questions remain about the organization's "willingness to seriously address antisemitism" following several statements made by then-UPEN President Elizabeth Magill during a congressional hearing last year. .

The letter reads in part, "When asked whether calling for the genocide of the Jews would violate Penn's code of conduct, Ms. Magill responded that 'that is a context-dependent decision.'

In the letter, Fox accused UPenn of a "blatant double standard" while defending the way it addressed anti-Semitism on campus.

"In defense of this outrageous record, Penn has cited his stated commitment to freedom of expression. ... However, Penn has demonstrated a clear double standard by tolerating anti-Semitic vandalism, harassment, and intimidation, but Suppressing and punishing other expression that is considered problematic."

The letter includes several examples of what the committee called a "deeply disturbing pattern" of anti-Semitic incidents at the university that occurred before and after Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel on October 7.

The incidents cited in the letter ranged from incidents of anti-Semitic graffiti to anti-Semitic statements made by students and instructors. The letter provides links to media articles regarding several incidents.

The letter also said that emails threatening violence against Penn Hillel and the dormitory named after Jewish philanthropists were sent to Penn staff members, triggering an FBI investigation.

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