Here’s How Kurt Russell Became Part Of The News Coverage When O.J. Simpson Was On The Run

 Goldie Hawn's Famous Kids Reveal How Kurt Russell Became Part of the News Coverage When O.J. Simpson went on the run after the 1994 murders of Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

During Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson's recent joint appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the famous actress' two children — who have been with Russell since 1983 — said the "Overboard" star has "always crossed paths with killers." That's a weird way of doing it. Like, serial killer.

“It was a big chase…O.J. Was on the 405 [freeway] and Kurt suddenly said, 'Oh, he's going home,'" the 44-year-old actress told the host. "The next thing you know, she gets in the car and drives off and she goes to O.J.'s house."

"I don't know why!" He added. “Just to see what happened, you know? And we all say, 'Where are you going?' He says, 'I'll be right back.' And then he leaves with his friend.

The "Almost Famous" star said the next thing he knew was that he saw Russell "behind the caution tape" on TV news coverage from Simpson's home.

Kate's actor brother, 47, said: “Actually, he was on camera when O.J. Simpson went to his house. He was in the driveway. You see him on KTLA, like, 'Huh?' He's dad!' I said, 'What is he doing there?'

And apparently Simpson wasn't the "Tombstone" star's only awkward run-in. Oliver said Russell allegedly had an affair with "Ted Bundy" and someone from the Charles Manson gang. However, the "Fool's Gold" star chimed in on the idea of the famous actor's subsequent two run-ins, saying, "I can't believe either of those stories."

Despite this, Oliver continued to tell the story of how "The Thing" star was living in a county in Colorado at the time serial killer Bundy escaped from custody there. Russell was camping and said he left his campsite to get beer and when he returned he was finished eating.

After Bundy was captured, Oliver said the killer talked about being able to escape after finding a campsite and eating the camper's food after he left.

Simpson was acquitted of the double murder of Nicole and Goldman in 1995 and later convicted of an armed robbery in Las Vegas in 2008 before being paroled in 2017.

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