Florida Highway Patrol trooper killed in crash in line of duty: ‘Hero who died while helping people’

 A Florida Highway Patrol trooper was killed in the line of duty Friday morning when he crashed on Interstate 95.

According to FOX 35, Trooper Zachary Fink was hit by a semi-truck while pursuing a felony suspect.

Troopers had attempted to stop a Kia driver who was traveling at excessive speed.

Fink attempted to make a U-turn to pursue the Kia, when the suspect failed to stop for troopers, he made a U-turn and began driving in the wrong direction.

Fink was hit by a semi-truck. Both he and the semi-truck driver died in the accident.

The suspect fled the scene and eventually crashed and abandoned his vehicle. There was no word on what charges the suspect faces.

FHP said a suspect has been arrested and the investigation is ongoing.

"The Florida Highway Patrol mourns the passing of Trooper Zachary Fink, who was killed in the line of duty," the department said in a statement on social media.

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Placeholder “Today is a sad and difficult day for the profession of law enforcement,” said FHP Executive Director Dave Kerner. “FHP has a proud history, and Trooper Fink is a hero who died helping people, something he was passionate about since he was six years old. This dedication and love for helping others is what defines FHP “And the FHP family honors their service and offers our prayers to everyone who lost a loved one today.”
Fink graduated with the 146th recruiting class in December 2020, and was assigned to Troop L out of Port St. Lucie at the time of his death.

"Trooper Fink died a hero protecting and serving his community," said FHP Col. Gary Howze II. "After speaking to his family, I can say that Trooper Fink was living his dream as a Florida State Trooper when a criminal tragically took his life. As a first responder, sacrifice is nothing new. No; it is daily and experienced while being alive, missing breakfast with family, or being at work instead of family. We appreciate the sacrifice of Trooper Fink and know that the people of Florida want him safe. are more secure because of their commitment to keeping them."

Governor Ron DeSantis expressed his condolences on social media.

"Our thoughts are with the family of FHP Trooper Zachary Fink, who was killed in the line of duty while attempting to take a fleeing felon into custody in St. Lucie County," he wrote on Twitter. @KCDeSantis and I are praying for him, the Fink family and the entire FHP community."


  1. lol lol the moron got himself killed by being a poor driver. "hero"? laughable BS.

  2. How in the name of all that is Holy is this murderous fool a "Hero"?
    He was chasing someone who was "speeding" and then turned and drove head on into a truck, killing the driver of the truck!
    Like 99% of all police, he was a moron, a danger to himself and others and his only interest was to collect money from citizens on behalf of the thieving politicians.
    The world is better off without people like him, but he killed an innocent man by his stupidity.


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