Democrats Panic After Biden’s Disastrous Press Conference: ‘Worse Than An Indictment’

 President Joe Biden's press conference on Thursday has stunned the entire Democratic Party, with several top officials reportedly saying in the background that the incident was an unexpected disaster for the 81-year-old.

Biden held the press conference after special counsel Robert Hur released the findings of his criminal investigation into Biden's handling of classified materials, which concluded that, while Biden "knowingly retained and disclosed classified materials, “No allegations should be made.

One of the top reasons Hur argued that charges should not be filed was that Biden had shown strong signs of serious memory problems — including not remembering when his son died or when he spoke during the Obama administration. Served as Vice President. Hur concluded that a jury would view Biden as "a sympathetic, well-intentioned, elderly man with a failing memory."

Biden decided to hold a press conference late Thursday in response to the report.

During the event, Biden lashed out at reporters who highlighted voters' concerns about his age and declared that he is the most qualified person in America to be president. During the event, Biden mixed up the presidents of Egypt and Mexico, forgot the name of the church where his dead son found the rosary he wears every day, and forgot key details from the special counsel's report.

The reaction from Democrats was mixed, with some coming to Biden's defense, while many others, most of them speaking privately, indicated that Biden's press conference caused serious damage to his re-election campaign.

Paul Begala, a longtime Democrat strategist and former Clinton White House aide, said on CNN: “Look, I'm a Biden supporter. And I slept like a baby last night. “I wake up every two hours and cry and wet the bed.”

A Democratic House member, speaking anonymously, told NBC News that the special counsel's assessment was a "nightmare" that "undermines President Biden electorally."

"For the Democrats, we are in a dire situation," the member said.

A Democrat activist also told NBC News that yesterday's events were "more than devastating", adding: "It confirms every suspicion and concern voters had. If the only reason for not impeaching him is that He is too old to be accused, so how can he be President of the United States?

Another Biden aide told the publication that it was "the worst day of his presidency."

One Democrat strategist said in an interview with The Dispatch that Hur's report, combined with Biden's disastrous press conference, was "worse than impeachment", while another called it "extremely bad".

Axios reported that several senior Democrats were concerned with Biden's press conference, including a former Biden White House official who called it "brutal".

Another former Biden official said, “Taking away the nomination from Biden is like taking away the car keys from your parents.”

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