College basketball fan distracts opponent at free throw line by getting haircut in stands

 Basketball fans know the deal.

When an opponent is shooting free throws, you do whatever is necessary – within reasonable reason – to prevent the player from missing.

One Oakland University fan took this strategy to a whole new level.

A group of male Golden Grizzlies fans were shirtless under a basket in the second half at the game against Cleveland State.

One of those fans even had clippers, and one of them got a clip for the team by getting a haircut during the game.

While Cleveland State's Tevin Smith was down 19 points at the free throw line, the guy took out the Clippers, and one of the fans got a buzz cut.

The rest of the shirtless men also had buzz cuts. So, who knows if this may have been the case throughout the game? Either way, it was fun to watch.

If this was a distraction tactic throughout the game, it worked very well. Oakland's players knocked down all 23 of their free throws, while the Vikings went just 8-for-13 (61.5%) from the line.

Oakland ultimately prevailed 83–71.

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