BAG IT UP Airlines are cracking down on hand luggage passengers – with some calling to scrap overhead lockers entirely

However, most travelers prefer the convenience of having their bags with them on the plane, meaning they are ready to go straight after landing at the airport.

Plus, checking luggage costs travelers more money, so flying with only hand luggage makes things even cheaper.

There is also a risk of your luggage getting lost while checking your luggage.

Yet traveling with only hand luggage has its own problems – especially as airlines are becoming more vigilant about checking their size.

Passengers now often have to ensure that their bags fit the luggage size checker before they are allowed to board the plane with them.

Anyone with a bag that is too large will be charged a fee to add it to the hold – sometimes a small penny.

Steps are being taken to reduce the amount of clutter on planes.

According to The Atlantic, planes are not designed to carry as much luggage as they do now because passengers carry "more and larger luggage than the plane can hold."

This has led some experts to call for the removal of overhead bins and hand luggage in order to provide carry-on-free flights in the future.

David Young, a designer who has worked on cabin features for Teague for 20 years, told the publication that something needed to change.

The company is working on designing a cabin without any overhead lockers, coming up with different ideas about where luggage can be kept.

He said: “I would say we are at breaking point. We have been hit as hard as we can.

“Maybe we don't need carry-ons at all. Someone has to come out and say, 'We're not doing this anymore. This is not a good experience for air travel.

Instead of the current system, David proposes either unloading the bags first, or boarding the plane with them and personally pulling them down through the cabin floor.

To avoid the strict hand luggage rules, people have shared on TikTok the secret hacks they use to get more luggage on board.

Some of them include filling pillowcases or neck pillows with extra clothes, or hiding small bags with extra items under a larger coat.

However, there are airlines that encourage their employees to spot people trying to bring excess luggage on planes.

A spokesperson for US airline Frontier told The Independent last year that the airline pays staff a bonus for each bag charged extra.

He said the fee is "an incentive for our airport customer service agents to help ensure our policies are followed and all customers are treated equally."

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  1. Self-solving problem. The WEF has decided we will live in 15 minute cities, and therefore there will be no need for air travel, hence no luggage problem.
    See how easy that was...


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