ALL CHANGE Lidl makes huge pricing change to all supermarket shelves after trial – and fans are divided

 It follows a trial at 35 Lidl stores including those in Epsom and Tooting.

The tiny digital screens will display all the information you'd usually expect to see on a label like the cost, weight and unit price.

All Lidl supermarkets will see the change rolled out by the end of this year.

It will gradually introduce the labels section by section over the coming months.

The retailer said the change will mean its staff won't need to spend time manually checking and updating paper price tags.

It said they will instead have more time to focus on helping customers and restocking shelves.

Shoppers have mixed opinions on the change.

On social media, one Lidl customer said: "Hoping this idea goes to other supermarkets save a lot of time and more time filling up."

But others fear it could lead to more changes in store.

One Facebook user said: "As long as they don't replace the staff and go all self-service and digital."

Isaac Ekpenyong, director of sales organization at Lidl, said: "Making changes to how we operate, no matter how big or small, allow us to enhance the overall experience for those shopping with us.

"In this particular case, we're empowering colleagues by freeing up more of their time to dedicate to tasks that directly benefit our customers."

Lidl said the move will also save over 206 tonnes of carbon annually through paper and packaging reductions.

Fellow discounter Aldi has already introduced digital screens in its stores.

The discovery stunned shoppers who rushed to TikTok after spotting them in stores.

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