Trigger Warning: A Journey through Howard Stern's Most Controversial Interviews

 They tried to weigh Anna Nicole Smith

Howard Stern's name has become synonymous with shock value, and his interviews often don't walk a very fine line between straight talk and outright audacity.

This gallery is not for the faint of heart. No, dear friends, this is a front-row ticket to the wildest, most controversial and mind-boggling conversation in radio history. Prepare yourself to squirm, gasp, and maybe even laugh as you descend into the belly of the beast. These are Howard Stern's most controversial interviews – brace yourself, because discretion is definitely not Stern's forte!

In typical Howard Stern fashion, no topic was off limits during Anna Nicole Smith's appearance on The Howard Stern Show, and that included the model's much-talked-about image. At the peak of Smith's career, she was known for her sensual, pin-up style beauty. But in the years before his Stern appearance, he had to face brutal and persistent media scrutiny about his weight gain.

During his interview, Stern, with his characteristic blend of audacity and vulnerability, dared to go where many would not go. He brought a scale and asked Smith to weigh himself in the air. It was a moment that stunned the audience and left Smith in a very uncomfortable position. Critics accused Stern of fat-shaming and exploiting Smith's struggles for shock value. The incident sparked a heated debate about body shaming, particularly regarding the harsh standards to which women are held in the public eye.

They brought Gilda Radner to tears

This may have been one of the most infamous Stern moments of all time. In 1983, Gilda Radner appeared as a mystery guest on The Howard Stern Show, and it didn't go well. Stern continued to question her about her sex life and was very aggressive, even when Radner looked uncomfortable. At last, she went away crying. Even Stern himself expressed regret over the way things were handled:

Gilda Radner literally ran out of my studio... she didn't believe me. I was being very disrespectful, even to her face. And it was scary for this accomplished actress and comedian. I came in like a bull in a china shop and it was the wrong thing to do because it didn't lead to anything real, it didn't lead to a good conversation.

He said that John Wayne Bobbitt's abused ex-girlfriend "wasn't looking so good".

For background: Lorena Bobbitt was a young Ecuadorian immigrant, married to John Wayne Bobbitt, an ex-Marine. It was reported that their relationship had deteriorated due to constant verbal, physical and sexual abuse. After another alleged episode of abuse in June 1993, Lorena took a kitchen knife and cut John's genitals while he slept. He was charged with malicious wounding, but found not guilty.

John Wayne Bobbitt was a guest interviewer on Howard Stern's New Year's Eve special. In one particularly disgusting moment, Stern appeared to try to justify Bobbitt's mistreatment of his wife, repeating the cliché that if he didn't like how he treated him, he should leave immediately. Was Needed. Stern continued the interview with more lewd comments:

They asked Sarah Michelle Gellar about her body hair

Leave him alone, Howard! Questions about body hair are off limits. Despite most people's understanding of healthy boundaries, Stern decided to push all of his boundaries and asked Sarah Michelle Gellar about her body hair routine when she appeared on his show:

He pressured Scott Weiland to talk about his sexual abuse

Howard Stern was a big fan of Stone Temple Pilots and their frontman Scott Weiland, who tragically died while on tour in 2015. However, Stern did not act very friendly during Weiland's appearance on his show in 2011. When Weiland began to open up about the sexual abuse he suffered as a child, Stern said that an older man "forced [Weiland] to do it to him", Stern responded brusquely:

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