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Er. Deepanshu Singh 

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I always wanted to start a blogging because this is the only one thing that you easily share your knowledge about anything. After so much spending time on the internet and research, I found best Niche for Share Knowledge like useful Details because people want easy ways without complicated issue.

I’m B.Tech Computer Science Student and I’m Web Designer and I’m also a Youtube Vlogger. The most important thing in Blogging is share knowledge consistently because thing is grow your blog, There are several knowledge we share and today I share How I started.


Once I started blogging on Blogger, I don’t know how to customize and make it SEO friendly, after few months of testing and tweaking. I got to use it with blogger but still, there is a lot more to learn because learning is a never-ending process.

So, few months later I create genuine and valuable posts and share my knowledge.

What makes this blog different?

On this blog everything that I write about is genuine. Always I think how I share My knowledge and One day research on Internet I know the Blogging and Learn 4-5 Months and create blog without any complicated issue because I want share my knowledge and Internet trends so I create this blog.

There are many blogger who make money in five figures but it took them two to three years to reach that mile. There are many articles on the Internet and on YouTube that fools the innocent people who are trying to start their journey in Blogging on YouTube by showing a quick rich scheme and the most of the people create blog without know anything.


YouTube and Blogging is a great way to scale your business. So if you don’t do it in a right way it can be pain to you. On this blog you will find Blogging, YouTube and side hustle to make money online.

I share the exact strategies and methods that I use. So if you face any problem at any point on my blog you can send me your problem via email to me.

Deepanshu Singh


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